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Use Hamshack’s Search and Filtering tools to quickly find Ham radio gear located across Canada.  Or, why not filter listings for transceivers located in OntarioHamshack makes it easy with hundreds of listings in the most popular amateur radio buy and sell categories.

Search for ham radio: Transceivers, Amplifiers, Antennas, Antenna Tuners, Audio Equipment , DC Power and Accessories, General Coverage Receivers, Power Meters, Test Equipment and much more. There’s even a Category for Vintage ham radio gear, and a huge inventory of Electronic Components for all the ‘builders’ out there.

Learn about hamshack’s development, the Amateur Radio Club Mapping Initiative, Club Sites and the Featured Sellers section

‘Hamshack was built by hams for hams’ the site is growing and progressive, making hamshack.ca the best on-line ham radio buy and sell site.

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73 Don VE7DXE

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