Vendor Type: Commercial

Contact: Bill Dick

Phone: 1-604-800-4042

Location: Surrey, BC, Canada

Hours: Visit Website

Fleetwood Digital Products

Vendor Website Summary:

Fleetwood Digital Products is an excellent online store for those looking to purchase CB radios, logging road/land mobile radios, and amateur ham radios. They offer a wide variety of radios and accessories from popular brands, and utilize multiple warehouses to offer competitive prices. The store carries radios from top brands like Baofeng, Uniden, and Cobra, and also offers a full range of compatible accessories from brands like Workman Electronics, Highway Man, Tram/Browning, Solarcon, RM Italy and more. Their selection of antenna adapters is also impressive.

Bill is helpful and responsive, and the store offers quick shipping. Overall, Fleetwood Digital Products is a great choice for anyone in the market for a new radio.

Fleetwood Digital Products