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Radio Test Equipment Repair and Calibration.

I’m a senior radio technician, and have worked for several Motorola and oilfield radio shops, and even a California defence company

MAXRAD BMAPL Brass Mount Antenna Base (Special Offer)

MAXRAD BMAPL Brass Mount Antenna Base – 3/8 Mount with 17ft of RG58U Coaxial Cable and Mini UHF Connector. New in


WARA Swap Meet is Coming September 25

The West Coast Amateur Radio Association is holding an in-person Swap Meet! After a 15 year absence WARA is holding Swap

Icom ID-4100A Dual Band D-Star

BRAND NEW! It is still in the box never opened. Also comes with a mobile bracket and screws. Ed, 250-744-7222





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Custom designed Father’s Day 12-oz Mug

Get that special gift for Dad this year that he will remember forever. Look at the samples and join me on


WANTED remote coax switch(s)

remote coax switch (coax control) 2 ~ 5 position, working or not


Wanted Yaesu 980 for parts

I need a FT980 for parts, power supply, voltage regulator etc.  

$1total price

Mobile HF Ham Radio Operators on Facebook

Check out this new Facebook group which is dedicated to MOBILE HF HAM RADIO. Tips, tricks and such, how to deal

MFJ 1234 RigPi Remote Station Server (Shipped)

The Hardware: The RSS is a Raspberry Pi computer running Linux and RigPi Keyer and RigPi audio boards The RigPi Keyer

$350total price

Updated: Equipment Donation Required; Firefighter Aid Ukraine HF/VHF/UHF

Gents, This is your hour. As you can see, there is a war in Ukraine, and like amateurs in wars past,

RF Sampler Monitor For Oscilloscope With Demodulation

Ever wondered how your transmitted HF signal looks like? You only need an oscilloscope and a RF sampler to find out.

$35 $38

RDF Butterfly Antenna – Radio Direction Finding Antenna

Small form factor, light weight, hand held radio direction finding antenna. An overall size of 11×14 inches (including antenna) and around

$40 $45

Telewave 44AP Wattmeter, Factory Calibrated!

Excellent unit, tested and guaranteed. Calibrated at Telewave in 2015, has been used only twice since then. These are accurate, expensive

$500total price

Kenwood VFO-120

Kenwood VFO-120 with Cable Nice addition to your Kenwood Hybrid Radio.


AWA Teleradio Manpack 235

AWA Teleradio Manpack 235 VHF AM Portable Tranceiver  solid state,Pristine Condition. 10 channel with 122.6, 121.9, 122.3 installed http://www.tuberadio.com/robinson/Teleradio/AWA_Teleradio_part3.pdf


Motorola R-2200A Communications Monitor

Radio service monitor, 200KHz-1GHz. AM/FM/CW, 125W. Calibrated 2011, guaranteed to still be in specification. used very rarely since cal. Measured against

$1,200total price