amateur radio club map

Welcome…you’re looking at the the most complete on-line repository of Canadian Amateur radio clubs…in the making! The Repository serves as a useful tool to quickly locate ham radio clubs. Filter by name,  location and community/ emergency communications capabilities and associated equipment inventory. 

Many people only think of amateur radio as a hobby and overlook the many public services provided by ham radio clubs. Indeed, most clubs are active in the community providing a wide-range of services including:

  • Public awareness sessions on the many services provided by amateur radio clubs and organizations
  • Basic and advanced training for new operators 
  • Development and maintenance of extensive communications repeater systems
  • Provision of communications and logistical support for public events
  • Partnering with public organizations and groups to provide communications and logistical support during emergencies 

It is anticipated that these organizations may use the Club Repository Map to locate amateur radio resources when planning local emergency services communications requirements. 

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