Vendor Type: Commercial

Contact: Merv Dulce

Phone: 1-403-383-8475

Location: 155 Bridlewood Ave SW, Calgary, AB, Canada

Hours: Spare Time :)

MD Electronic Services

Vendor Website Summary:

Merv VA6MD has over 40 years of experience in the commercial radio electronics repair industry and is an avid ham radio operator. In his spare time outside of his 8 to 5 job, Merv also operates MD Electronic Services, which is home-based communications and electronics diagnostic and repair service. He operates from his location in Calgary and works on newer equipment from all major manufacturers including ICOM, Kenwood, Yaseu, and others. In addition, MD Electronics is one of the few remaining shops who work on hybrid tube transceivers and related amateur radio and electronics gear.

Contact Merv for amateur radio and electronic repairs and for details on used gear which has been refurbished and listed for sale.



MD Electronic Services