Vendor Type: Commercial

Contact: Richard Hanishewski

Phone: Please email

Location: Erindale, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Hours: Email for details.

Taylor Raine Communications - Ham Radio Sales

Vendor Website Summary:

Richard Hanishewski VE5RH, a seasoned amateur radio enthusiast with nearly 35 years of experience in communications and electronics, has recently started Taylor Raine Communications. This new vendor offers customers a wide-selection of amateur radio equipment sales from their location in Saskatoon. They source and drop-ship popular ham radio gear from Canada’s largest ham radio and communications retailers, delivering items directly to customers’ doorsteps. Alternatively, customers may opt to pick-up their gear in person. The most popular items include transceivers, mobile antennas, amplifiers, antenna tuners, and much more from ICOM, Kenwood, Yaesu and other leading manufacturers.

Richard’s goal is to provide a positive buying experience for all customers by offering competitive pricing and personalized support which set Taylor Raine Communications apart from the competition.

Taylor Raine Communications - Ham Radio Sales