Vendor Type: Commercial

Contact: Ron Smith

Phone: 705-791-6634

Location: 2040 Sideroad 30 & 31 West, Shanty Bay, Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am -6:00pm

Innovative Circuits, Electronics Repair

Vendor Website Summary:

Ron Smith from Innovative Circuits has been providing amateur radio repair services from his location in Barrie Ontario area since 1991. Operating a full-service electronics repair centre, Innovative Circuits is well known in Ontario and the rest of Canada as one of the most reputable electronics service centres, still specializing in service and repairs to all types of amateur radio gear. Contact Ron to make arrangements to have your gear serviced and to ask about more complex repairs.

Recent repairs completed by Innovative Circuits Electronics Repair Centre include:

  • TS-950 PA deck repair.
  • New driver FETS in a Kenwood commercial repeater.
  • Xiegu G90 display replacement.
  • Replacing the 455Khz filters in an FT-857D.
  • Replace blown finals in a FT-450.
  • DDS module replacement in an ICOM 7000
  • DDS resistor pack replaced in a Kenwood TS-570

Call or email Ron to make arrangements to drop off your gear for repair. Customers located outside of the Barrie area, and other regions of Canada can arrange for pre-paid shipping to and from the electronics repair centre! Use the Contact Form to send a quick message to Ron.

Innovative Circuits, Electronics Repair