TS-480 SAT Kenwood Transceiver

TS-480 SAT Kenwood Transceiver

TS-480 SAT Kenwood Transceiver

It is used for my PACKET / PACTOR station.

I am moving to a different radio so it will be surplus to me.

Can be used both mobile and for a base, 100 watt unit.

The unit has the mod for CFARS/MARS

QRZ shows has sold several in the $700 to $750 USD range

I will sell it for $800.00 Canadian FOB Edmonton.

Private sale no GST/HST

If interested call Mitch VE6OH 780 446 8958

  • Tags: Base,HF,Mobile
  • Phone: 780 446 8958
  • Callsign: VE6OH
  • Item Condition: Used
  • Used Condition: Good
  • Payment Types Accepted: eTransfer, Cash , Other
  • Shipping and Pickup: Will ship at cost., Pickup offered.