SCAM ALERT: Potential Fraudulent Activity on

SCAM ALERT: Potential Fraudulent Activity on

Attention Users

A potential scam has been reported involving an individual impersonating a legitimate ham radio operator and user:

Details of the Incident:

  • Reporting Member: George Benger (VE4XR)
  • Scammer’s Email Addresses: and
  • Scammer’s Alias: The scammer used the alias “VE7GCC Cory Griff” to impersonate a legitimate amateur and user.

Incident Summary: George Benger posted a listing on seeking a Yaesu FT-707. He received a reply from someone claiming to be “VE7GCC Cory Griff,” offering to sell the item along with a matching power supply and tuner for $450. George made an e-transfer, but the scammer claimed to have issues depositing the money and requested it be sent to another email address.

George contacted his bank, which flagged the transaction as fraudulent and associated both email addresses with an individual named Taiba.

Fortunately, George’s transfer was returned safely.

Update: The real Cory Griff (VE7GCC) has been contacted and confirmed that he does not use e-transfer. Cory is known to and is not associated with this scam.

Actions Taken:

  • It has been verified that the email addresses used by the scammer ( and are not associated with any accounts.
  • The real Cory Griff (ve7gcc) has been made aware of this situation.

Advice for Members:

  • Always verify the identity of individuals you are transacting with.
  • Be cautious of any requests to send payments to multiple or different email addresses.
  • Check the identity and email of the person on and call them on the phone if possible.

Stay safe and vigilant.

Best 73, Don VE7DXE