MFJ Auto Tuners 929, 300 BRT, 600BRT

MFJ Auto Tuners 929, 300 BRT, 600BRT

I have a number MFJ auto tuners in good to new condition.

Model Numbers:

                                MFJ-929 In good condition 290.00 Shipped

                              MFJ-993BRT 300 Watt Almost new remote  375.00  Shipped

                             MFJ-994BRT 600 Watt new remote  665.00  New Never used Shipped.

I will entertain reasonable offers on the above tuners but no free shipping.

Please check prices I have had ridiculous offers. GPS Central or Radioworld

This is not a fire sale.

  • Phone: 416-825-8359
  • QRZ Validation
  • Callsign: VA3VO
  • Item Condition: Used
  • Used Condition: Good
  • Payment Types Accepted: eTransfer, Money Order, Cash
  • Shipping and Pickup: Will ship at cost., Pickup offered., Will deliver locally.