ISO: tabletop tube radio (AM rx)

ISO: tabletop tube radio (AM rx)

So I’m not super picky about what I’m looking for, just a smaller tabletop radio.  You know those old cig-lighter FM transmitters people would use to listen to their CDs in the before-times?  I want to build almost the same thing — an AM transmitter!  Anyone have an old tube radio kicking around collecting dust?  Doesn’t even have to work really, I’ll pop the hood and putz around in there.  I expect to be at the Edmonton flea market mid Feb.

Ive gotten a few funny looks about this.  I checked the rules/regs and with RAC’s regulatory officer.  It’s fiiiiiine (within reason..) see annex B.2.

  • Phone: 7802999672
  • QRZ Validation
  • Callsign: va6atc
  • Item Condition: Used
  • Used Condition: Poor
  • Shipping and Payment Comments: Local preferred, pickup preferred, or meeting at the flea market in Edm soon