coax for cb or ham radio Ottawa area


various lengths for jumpers or short runs, may have a limited amount of longer runs up to 25 or 30 ft. most have n-connectors already on them, some have pl-259 or bnc. let me know what you need and i will check and get back to you.  not looking for a ton of money, stuff has been sitting in my garage for years, time to move it as I am moving in the next couple years and need it gone. rg-8 rg213 rg214.   Please note, if you want any quantity of coax shipped it will be expense,  don’t waste my time or yours, unless you really need it shipped.  I will send photos of any items that will be shipped, so you can see what you are getting.  I have found a new shipping service, not as bad as CP  but still not cheap to ship stuff…

i sometimes  travel the 401 to london but likely not until May2023 now.


some longer runs up to 100 ft now available.   $1.25ft

  • QRZ Validation
  • Callsign : VE3SJU
  • Item Condition : Used
  • Used Condition : Good
  • Shipping and Pickup : Will ship at cost., Pickup offered.