Antenna Builders Kit

Antenna Builders Kit

For anyone interested in building their own HF antennas this should be of interest. On the top row are the parts from a Hy-Gain TH3 Mk3. L-R is the Boom/Mast Mount Kit currently advertised by MFJ at US$167. You’ll see two plastic end caps to fit on the 2 inch dia boom. Then the driven element to boom assembly with the two inserts that isolate the driven element from the boom. Next are the reflector and director element to boom brackets. Finally a BN-86 balun currently listed by Radioworld at C$185. Clean up the pieces, treat yourself to some new nuts and bolts, then design a three element beam optimised for the band you want and you’re all set to go. Oh, don’t forget you’ll need aluminum tubing for the boom and elements.

But wait, there’s more!

On the second row there’s a centre piece that originated from a Cushcraft D3W rotary dipole for 12/17/30m. Fit this to your mast and use it for a rotary dipole. Then there is a mount to support a vertical antenna with an SO-239 for the feedline. Next is a RAK dipole centre with a built in balun and two substantial end insulators for your wire dipole. Finally a 1/4 inch thick aluminum plate 8 inches X 4 inches that can be fixed to your mast to support yet another antenna. (This piece needs a second saddle mount but doubtless your local muffler shop can help out)

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