Ottawa Amateur Radio Club

The Ottawa Amateur Radio Club Inc. (OARC) is an association of radio amateurs devoted to the promotion of interest in amateur radio communications in Canada’s National Capital Region and to the advancement and achievement of club members.

The club’s call sign is VE3RC and it’s used at many events including the annual field day each June.

OARC owns and manages three repeaters located at a high elevation in the Gatineau hills just north of Ottawa as well as two voters. The newest is a DMR repeater that was deployed in early 2022.

Club meetings are held the second Wednesday monthly. Since 2020, they have been virtual only. There is a plan to begin “hybrid” meetings (ie onsite and virtual) beginning September 14, 2022. See the OARC website for updates.

The OARC is affiliated with Radio Amateurs of Canada, Canada’s national association of amateur radio operators, and participates in their Affiliated Club program.

The OARC welcomes new members from across Canada! Now that the world is accustomed to “virtual meetings” members from anywhere can join and participate in monthly meetings. Anyone is welcome to visit a monthly meeting by contacting the OARC meeting convener for an invitation.

Ottawa and Area Buy and Sell Listings

Hamstick for sale!
Yaesu ft 5200 Mobile Radio

Yaesu ft 5200 Mobile Radio

$1,234total price
Eimac 5CX-1500 with socket & chimney
Kenwood R-5000 Receiver
Winradio G313i, 5kHz – 180 MHz
WANTED 6.3V 30A filament transformer
WANTED Eimac tube socket SK-410 for 3-500z
Wanted Daiwa 901/801 or equivalent SWR/Power meter that covers 6M/2kw
Tigertronics Signalink 5PD Cable and Module
Elecraft KPA500
coax for cb or ham radio Ottawa area now 75cents per foot.
Radio Dial Knobs

Radio Dial Knobs

$10 $50
total price
Three rolls of wire
Copper Clad PCB’s
Oscilloscope Probe

Oscilloscope Probe

$10total price
Resistor Collection (1.6 ohm to 1 Meg)
Vector Boards
Small Muffin Fans (115V)
Analog Power Meters
Coax Connectors (194)

Coax Connectors (194)

$150total price
Full size toggle switches
BNC – Bannana Jacks
Torroids and Ferrits
RS232 Connecctors
Neon Lights
Heatsinks T0220 & TO3
Digital Counters (2) – Omron H7EC-P
Linear Semiconductors in DIP thru-hole packages (All New)
TTL & CMOS Semiconductors in DIP thru-hole packages (All New)
10 Turn Potentiometers (10K)
Large Wire-wound Resistors
Double-Tripple ganged Potentiometers
Potentiometers (Volume Controls)
Rotary Switches
Phone Switchboard Switches
Push button & Rotary dial switchs
Minature DIP Switches
Minature Toggle Switches
Door Open-Close Switches
Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

$10 $40
IC Test Sockets and Jumper wires
Radio Tuning Wands
Magnetic Head Demagnetizer
Remote Speaker

Remote Speaker

$5total price
Rig Interconnects

Rig Interconnects

$10total price
Key Locks (Electronic)
Remote Control (24V)