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Alberta Buy and Sell Listings

ICOM IC-7000

ICOM IC-7000

$1,100total price
In Line BNC Jack – Female Crimp
Realistic Pro – 2001 – For parts
Arrestor – Electrical – Element
Baofeng UV5R 2 metre/20cm handheld and accessories
SteppIR 4 element C/W the 6 meter option kit
AC / DC Current Probe – LEM – PR 1001
22 Point Connection / Terminal strip
Crompton Digital AC Panel Volt Meter
Barrier Strip Blade Connectors – RS Part # 423-403 ( 25 Pieces )
Top up your Junk / Project box
Solid State Relay
Wouxon KG-UVD1P 144/222MHz Handheld Radio
Yaesu FT-897D Plus Accessories
Antenna Tuner VC300DPL by Ventronics
2 Meter bandpass filter
Kenwood SM-230 Station monitor
Dentron MLA-2500
Kenwood Interface IF-232
Kenwood TS-950S

Kenwood TS-950S

Heathkit IP-27 Bench Power Supply
Heathkit IM-4180 FM Deviation Meter
Kenwood AG-203 Test Oscillator
2N3253 NPN Silicon
MM2259 NPN Silicon Transistor 175 V 300 mA
PNP Transistor 2N3638A
Amphenol UG9111AU BNC Panel Mount
Phenolic Coil form / insulator
1000 pF Feed Thru 5 KV
SPST 24 Volt Coil Relay 10 Amp contact
Warren Thermal Delay Relay
Stand Off Insulator
500 pF 30 KV Doorknob Capacitor
QRPGuys AFP-FSK Digital Transceiver III Kit with extra VFO (Unassembled)
AMP Crimp on BNC for RG55/U and RG223/U Cables
1 lot of 6 pieces 10 Amp diodes in DO-4 Case
Vintage NPN Quad Darlington Array
Sylvania ECG 1025 Audio Amplifier module
Switchcraft JJ-074
CP-AD356 TNC to TNC Bulkhead
Photo Transistor Assembly NPN
Fuse – 4 Amp Axial Lead style BUSS
12AT7W Dual Triode Sylvania
Hexbeam 10 thru 40

Hexbeam 10 thru 40

$1,500total price
TI-84 Graphing Calculator
350 Ohm 38 Watt Power Resistor
Mitsubishi M4011B Quad 2 Input NAND Gate
Thumb Screws 1/4-20 X 1 1/2 inch with plastic knob