RF Sampler Monitor For Oscilloscope With Demodulation

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Ever wondered how your transmitted HF signal looks like?
You only need an oscilloscope and a RF sampler to find out.

Monitor and inspect your transceivers signal with this little device either to a dummy load or your antenna system.


This RF Sampler or sampling port is designed to sit in-line with the transmitter and other components of the transmission line before the antenna.
Its purpose is to allow a small, safe, pick off voltage of the transmitted RF to be used to feed an oscilloscope or other monitoring instrument.
The sampler allows the transmitted RF to be examined and measured as required.
The Demodulation port allows additional tests and information to be gathered including use for generating linearity Trapezoids.
The RF envelope of AM, FM, CW or SSB transmissions can be viewed real time using this sampling port.
Pass Thru’ ports do not affect signal quality or SWR from 1-30 MHz up to 100 Watts.


Kit assembly takes about 15 minutes.

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