Foxhunt Receiver for 80m


The popularity of 80 m foxhunts is increasing because of the better directional characteristics (with less reflections) of HF versus 2 m

The RX80M is the second generation of the popular directional foxhunt receiver designed by Les Tocko VA7OM and produced by Dave Miller VE7HR.

The RX80M receiver tunes 3.51 MHz to 3.60 MHz and is ready to use, complete with 9v battery, antenna, earbuds and internal 100 dB attenuator.  Sensitivity is 0.4 uV for 10 dB signal to noise ratio.

To use, determine the general direction of the fox with the RX turned broadside, then home in precisely on the null using the button with RX turned sideways.  An instructional video describing this technique can be viewed at .

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