Vendor Type: Individual

Contact: David Binnie

Phone: Email only

Location: Braeside, Ontario, Canada

Hours: Always open on-line

David Binnie - VE3MJZ 

Vendor Website Summary:

David Binnie is located in Braeside, Ontario near Ottawa and has a background in the electronics industry. He worked on Aerospace and Space contracts with General Dynamics in Ottawa. David developed an interest in electronics as a teenager, influenced by his father who was a Ham radio enthusiast and telecom/Satcom professional in the Airforce. He has inherited his father’s ham equipment and electronic devices and is looking to catalog and find new homes for the items due to downsizing. The equipment includes transceivers, amplifiers, analog meters, power supplies, and various electronic components. Those interested in the items can contact David to ask if he has what they are looking for.

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David Binnie - VE3MJZ