Vendor Type: Commercial

Contact: "Slavko" Katta

Phone: 1-905-302-0302

Location: 5 Second Street South Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1R4

Hours: See Website


Vendor Website Summary:

DXCanada is an online retailer based in Canada that offers a range of amateur radio and electronics products. They provide a variety of products, such as handheld vector network analyzers, transceivers, and battery chargers. Moreover, they have received positive customer feedback for their products and services.

One of the popular products on the DXCanada website is the Xiegu X6100 transceiver, which is a compact and portable rig that provides a rich and diversified operating experience for amateur radio enthusiasts. In addition, the website features digital networking boxes, such as the MMDVM hotspot, which supports a range of digital formats and includes a rechargeable battery.

DXCanada also offers various accessories and components for amateur radio enthusiasts, including the QRM eliminator X-Phase, which is designed to eliminate unwanted signals and interference. They also provide a 100W PA and ATU all-in-one machine for the Xiegu series, which allows users to quickly convert the Xiegu to a 100 W transceiver.

Overall, DXCanada provides a variety of products and accessories for amateur radio enthusiasts, and has received positive feedback for their customer service and competitive prices. Their website is easy to navigate and provides detailed information about each product.

Amateur radio enthusiasts will find DXCanada to be a useful resource for their hobby.