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Ian Burn VE6OB and Peter Morrison VE6PM founded the Quarter Century Amateur Radio Club (QCARC) in February 1984.  The objective of the Club is to provide long-range VHF repeater services to Edmonton and the surrounding area. The revenue required to maintain these repeaters is received entirely from our membership. In addition, QCARC sells donated items to raise money to operate club repeaters and to keep membership dues low. Items are listed here on our hamshack Store and are also listed in our weekly Newsletter.

Please contact me (Paul) VE6UFO by email or 780-232-7012 if you have items that you wish to donate to the club and to arrange pickup.  Thanks in advance and big thank you to all those who have donated items to the  help support QCARC and further the amateur radio hobby in the North Central Alberta area.

73 Paul VE6UFO 

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 Seller Type: Ham Radio Club

 Services Offered: Curbsite Pickup, Will Ship, Other

 Other Comments: Buyer pays actual Canada Post shipping costs


 Location: Stony Plain, Alberta

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