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All of the items in this store were purchased on March 7, 2021 from an estate auction here in Sudbury, Ontario. They belonged to silent key VE3EWS, Richard Stapien. Richard was a wealthy recluse who loved to collect things but almost never used the things he bought. Almost every ham radio item from his estate is in ‘new in box’ condition, as if you had just pulled it off the shelf at Radio World: never used, or even removed from the packaging. The few exceptions that show any use at all are noted in the postings, and the majority are in Ex++ condition. If you would like to have a closer look at any of the items, or if you have questions, please contact me and we can book a video call.

My name is Terry Williams, and my call is VE3YHF. I’m not a dealer—this was simply an opportunity too good to pass up. Many of the larger items have already been sold to buyers across Canada and into the U.S., but there are some great pieces still left. All prices are net-to-me, meaning that any fees incurred during payment would be extra. My preferred payment method is Interac email transfer. I will accept PayPal so long as you pay the fees (to send for free by PayPal you can use the “domestic transfer” – aka “friends and family” – service, and fund it from your bank account, rather than your credit card).


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 Seller Type: Individual

 Services Offered: Curbsite Pickup, Will Ship, Other

 Other Comments: All prices net-to-me, Interac email transfer preferred, PayPal accepted at buyer's expense. Local (socially-distanced) pickup in Sudbury is available, and for these I accept cash.


 Location: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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Feel free to contact me about combined shipping. Just be sure to include which items you’re interested in, and your postal code. All shipping costs include tracking number and insurance for the full value of the purchase.

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73 VE3YHF Terry