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Located in North Bay , Ontario, I have always had an interest in electronics of all sorts, I started out buying “broken items”, fixing them and reselling them. Starting in 2021, I started buying and selling antique and vintage ham radio’s, parts and other vintage electronics and parts. I sell an assortment of items from vacuum tubes to radio, testing equipment and everything in between. I test my parts/equipment before I shipping them out unless it’s an item that is for parts or restoration.

I supply amateur radio/shortwave listeners hobbyists with a variety of radio components for home brew projects including:

  • Vacuum tubes
  • Radio knobs
  • Transistors
  • Capacitors
  • Toroids and Ferrites
  • If transformers
  • Complete radios
  • Parts radio’s
  • and more….

Please visit my website at for a complete listing of all the items that I sell, and please contact me at if you have questions or require additional information.

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 Seller Type: Commercial Vendor

 Services Offered: Curbsite Pickup, Will Deliver Locally, Will Ship, Other

 Other Comments: I ship Canada post anywhere, price varies depending on size and weight of items purchased Please don't hesitate to contact me via email or via text 705-845-5606 


 Location: North Bay Ontario

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November 15, 2021  

Many toroids added today with lots more in transit to me and should arrive here in the next few days, don’t forget all HamShack members receive 10% off there order


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Vintage plugs and connectors

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Various bulbs nos

  • Miscellaneous, Amateur Radio


  • RF Transistors


  • Vacuum Tubes