Well it’s Official….Guy VE9GGT is the Winner of the September Contest for the Helida SY-UV99 Radio

Well it’s Official….Guy VE9GGT is the Winner of the September Contest for the Helida SY-UV99 Radio

Good afternoon everyone! We have a winner.

Guy VE9GGT is the Winner of the September Contest for the Helida SY-UV99 Radio! I’m sure Guy will enjoy this unique handheld radio over the coming months while participating in ham radio activities in NB! 

Thanks to all the folks who listed items on the site; there were 229 listings on hamshack in September.  This giveaway was organized by Hamshack.ca (VE7DXE) and was not offered in conjunction with a manufacturer or any commercial entities.

The draw was intended to support the primary purpose of the site of getting surplus amateur gear listed, sold and back into general amateur use, while helping to make hamshack.ca a fun and safe platform to promote the amateur radio hobby.

Watch for more cool giveaways in the coming months!

Thanks for your continued support and best 73.


September Listings

19/3/2023Scanner Antenna?
29/3/20232 x RTL-SDR v5 Bundle RTL2832U
39/4/2023Yaesu FT-991A or Icom IC-7300 and more
49/4/2023XIEGU X6100
59/4/2023Icom 705 and misc. (clearing shack)
89/4/2023Heliax – short cutoffs for experimentation!
99/4/2023Icom IC-F5023H
109/4/2023Kenwood NX-5700
119/4/2023Ooop! Listing sent in error from hamshack test site 🙂
129/4/2023For Sale: Yaesu FH-2 Remote Control, Brand new in box.
139/4/2023YAESU FT-9700
149/5/2023Panasonic RF-3100
159/5/2023Win a Helida SY-UV99 Radio!
169/5/20234 element Steppir 32 foot boom comes with SDA-100 controller and about 150 feet of control cable
179/5/2023Cushcraft XM-240
189/5/2023Heathkit HM-102 for Sale $100 obo plus shipping
199/5/2023Ameritron AL-811
209/5/2023Bird Watt Meter 43 with carry case + 3 slugs
219/5/2023Ameritron ALS-600
229/5/2023Flex Radio 6600 Signature series SDR
239/5/2023Bird Watt Meter 43 Slugs
249/5/2023Flex Radio Maestro Control Console
259/5/2023Wanted used Yaesu FTDX-10
269/5/2023Icom SM-30
279/5/2023Yaesu FT-897
289/5/2023Heilsound adapter – AD-1-K
299/5/2023Heilsound AD-1-IC ADAPTER CABLE
309/5/2023Heilsound AD-1-ICM ADAPTER CABLE
319/5/2023Antenna coaxial Switch B&W CS-60
329/5/2023Cushcraft a3s
339/5/2023A50 3s 6 meter beam
349/5/2023HAM IV rotor and co trol woth cable rebuilt with sub temp grease
359/5/20235 sections or golden nuget tower
369/5/2023HF Qrp amplifier
379/6/2023WANTED Yaesu FT-991A Or Icom IC-7300
399/6/2023Xiegu XPA125/B amplifier
419/6/2023Looking for an Icom ID-4100A, ID-880H or Yaesu FTM-300DR.
429/6/2023ISO: 8 wire rotator control cable
439/7/2023Wanted Kenwood TM-D700
449/7/2023Icom IC-271a for parts
459/7/2023IC-7300 For Sale
469/7/2023FT-890 For Sale With Tuner !
479/7/2023ICOM IC-7300 Shack-in-a-box
489/7/2023Kenwood ts-850
499/7/2023Icom R20
509/7/2023Icom 756ProIII
519/7/2023Magnetic Loop Antenna – OM0ET 10 – 40M
529/8/2023For sale : Baofeng BF-18L
539/8/2023Transistors, toroid’s, diodes, ic’s, switches and more
549/8/2023Toroidal Transformer
559/8/2023Icom Ic-7000
569/8/2023Grundig YB 400 PE World Receiver
579/8/2023Assorted Collection of Marconi instrument technical bulletins and other info
589/9/2023390 Ohm 1/2 Watt Resistor
599/9/2023220 Ohm 1/4 Watt 2% Resistor
609/9/2023Up to 65% off diy components till Sept 11th at Fletcher Electronics
619/9/2023YAESU FC-30 ATU FOR FT-897/857
629/9/2023Microham Arco Rotator Controller
639/10/2023Alinco DR-MD500T
649/10/202390 Degree – Reverse Polarity BNC Connector
659/10/2023RS 238-407 Mains Power input filter
669/10/202369701-5 400 Hz Power Transformer
679/10/2023Pyramid power supply
689/11/2023High Frequency – Mystery transformer 100: Ratio 4 KHz and Up
699/11/2023RTL-SDR V4 – brand new
709/11/2023Analog DC Regulated Switching 13.8V fixed output
719/11/2023Yaesu VX-3 Compact Handheld Transceiver for sale.
729/11/2023Icom IC-91AD Handheld Transceiver for sale.
739/11/2023ICOM IC-2200H Mobile Transceiver for sale.
749/11/2023Amateur Ham Radio Books & Exam Study Guides
769/11/2023MFJ-939Y Plug & Play 200 Watt Autotuner 1.8-30 MHz With Yaesu Cable
779/12/2023yaesu ft5dr
799/12/2023Yaesu FTDX-10 with extras
809/12/2023Tokyo Hy-Power HL-450B
819/12/2023Yaesu SP-30 speaker
829/12/2023Mfj 998
839/12/2023Palstar AT2K
849/12/2023PALSTAR AT1KP
859/12/2023LDG AT-1000 PRO II
869/12/2023ICOM 7300
879/12/2023WANTED – Power Cord for Heathkit SB-303 Receiver
889/12/2023FLEX 5000A
899/12/2023Alinco DM-330mv 32 Amp Power Supplies
909/12/2023Icom RC-28
919/12/2023Icom 551
929/12/2023DRAKE PS-7
939/12/2023FLEX 6300
949/13/2023Yaesu VX-8DR with accessories
959/13/2023Alinco DM-330MV power supply (2 available)
969/13/2023Yaesu SP-8 speaker
979/13/2023ICOM IC-27A
999/13/2023150 uF 25 Volt Electrolytic Capacitor MIL Spec
1009/14/2023YEASU FT5DR Dual Band Handheld with Accessories
1019/15/2023For sale mint kenwood TM-271A vhf transceiver
1029/15/2023For sale kenwood TK-830 UHF transceiver
1039/15/2023For sale CRT rejuvenator for crt tubes
1049/16/2023RM Italy HLA150 QRP amplifier
1059/16/2023Yaesu ft991 (non-A )
1069/16/2023SunSDR2 QRP
1079/16/2023Xiegu XPA125
1089/16/2023FT-847 plus Collins filters (or without, your choice)
1099/16/2023Kenwood R-5000
1109/16/2023Yaesu Fh-2 keypad
1119/16/2023Heathkit Electronic keyer
1129/16/2023Sky Scan lighting meter
1139/16/2023Swan power/swr meter
1149/16/2023Mfj-854 rf current meter
1159/16/2023Begali key
1189/17/2023Yaesu FT 950
1199/17/2023Bird Wattmeter Peak Reading Board
1209/17/2023Icom IC-735 Drop Down Door
1219/17/2023Realistic Model 22-306
1229/18/2023HR2510 or HTX 100 wanted
1239/18/2023WANTED: gator or similar travel box
1249/18/2023Comet CMX-200 and CMX-400 SWR/power meters
1259/18/2023Kenwood TM-231A
1279/18/2023Hewlett Packard HP-6521A High Voltage Power Supply 1000 VDC @ 200 mA
1289/18/2023Wanted President Lincoln 10M
1309/19/2023Super Antenna MP1 + HF/2m
1319/19/2023Network Switch
1329/19/20232m Transverter
1339/19/20236m converter
1349/19/2023HTX-100 Factory Microphone Wanted
1359/19/2023Assortment of Coaxial Adapters & Connectors
1369/19/2023Dx Commander Expedition portable vertical antenna.
1379/19/2023sweep tubes 6146
1389/19/202319 inch rack panels
1399/19/2023Hy-Gain element to boom mount
1409/19/2023B & W coils
1419/19/2023AMERITRON RCS-8V Coax switch
1429/19/2023Kenwood Ts-480 SAT
1439/19/2023Magnetic Loop Antenna – OM0ET 10 – 40M
1449/20/2023Yaesu FT-2980R with Free HT !
1469/20/2023Daiwa cs 201
1479/20/2023ID51A with Chargers and Software
1489/20/2023Icom IC-R10/ Icom IC-R20
1499/20/2023Wanted – Bird 43 wattmeter 25H and 100H Slugs
1509/21/2023Used Ham Radio GAP Antenna (TITAN DX) for sale
1519/21/2023Icom R-20
1529/21/2023Yaesu MD100a8x
1539/22/2023MFJ-434 Deluxe Voice Keyer
1549/22/2023Kenwood TS-60S 6 Meter All Mode
1559/22/2023MFJ-224 2 Meter FM Signal Analyzer
1569/22/2023Kenwood TS-50S HF All Mode Mobile
1579/22/2023Amateur Radio Pager
1589/23/2023LDG METER FOR FT-897/857 TRANSCEIVER
1599/23/2023yaesu ft 991a
1609/23/2023IC 705 for sale
1619/23/202310M 3 Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord
1629/23/2023Wanted –
1639/23/2023Kenwood TS-850S Transceiver
1649/23/2023Heat Sink – Anodized Aluminum – 75mm X 40mm X 15mm Black
1659/23/2023Yaesu FT5DR
1669/23/2023Anytone AT-878UV Plus
1689/23/2023TenTec Model 253 2KW tuner
1699/24/2023Mat-10 qrp antenna tuner
1709/24/2023WANTED FT-991A
1719/24/2023Wanted – 6 conductor Cable
1729/24/2023Kenwood TS-140S 1.8-30 Mhz 100W HF Transceiver and General Coverage Receiver
1739/24/2023Kenwood SP-120 External Speaker
1749/24/2023Radio Shack Headset with Heil HC-4 microphone cartridge wired for Kenwood mic jack
1759/24/2023West Mountain Radio Rigblaster Plus Computer – Radio Interface with RS-232 to USB cable
1769/24/2023Extra Big Footswitch – Marquardt Model 2410.0401 4 x 8 inches
1779/24/2023Kenwood TS-830S 100W SSB/CW HF Transceiver with Shure 444 Desk Microphone
1789/24/2023Heathkit Remote Coax Switch Model SA-1480
1799/24/2023Kenwood AT-230 200 W Manual Antenna Tuner with integrated coax switch and power/swr meter
1809/25/2023Yaesu FT-1500M 2m transceiver
1819/25/2023Digimode -4-ICOM CAT Control and interface
1829/25/2023SignaLink Jumper Module SLMOD8PD and cables
1839/25/2023Raytheon Pulse Transformer
1849/26/2023CD-45-II Rotator Controller
1859/26/2023Nanuk-Pelican knockoff cases for radio equipment
1869/26/2023Wanted FP-30B
1879/27/2023SCG-239 SmartTuner
1889/27/2023FT-857 Yeasu
1899/27/2023IC-746 Transceiver
1909/27/2023IC-705 QRP rig
1919/27/2023DR-235 ST Alinco 22 MHz transciever
1929/27/2023Rig Expert AA-600 Antenna analyser
1939/27/2023Singal link USB
1949/27/2023Perseus SDR Receiver
1959/27/2023MFJ-939I 200W Autotuner
1969/27/2023Motorola MTX-838 900 Mhz
1979/27/2023HAM IV Rotator – For Parts (Damaged beyond Repair)
1989/27/2023Ham Radio Accessories for sale
1999/28/2023New – Diamond SX-400 SWR and Power Meter
2009/28/2023For sale Husler hf antennas
2019/28/2023Wanted info on this Spillsbury & Tindell mobile hf antenna
2029/28/2023For sale as new Husler RM-40S and RM-80S high power hf antennas
2049/28/2023IC-W2A and matching BC-72A Desktop Charger
2059/28/2023Diamond SX-600
2069/28/2023Jetstream JTPS45 45-amps power supply
2079/28/2023Balun Designs – Model 4932s – 4:1 or 9:1 2KW Unun
2089/29/2023YOKOGAWA Arbitrary Waveform Generator AG-2100
2099/29/2023IC-M412 VHF Marine Transciever
2109/29/2023Heil Proset Elite 6 Headset
2119/29/2023Icom CT-17 CI-V Level Converter – CAT controller for up to 3 Icom transceivers
2129/29/2023Yaesu FIF-232C CAT to RS-232C Interface for FT-650, FT-736, FT-747GX, FT-757GXII, FT-767GX, FT-840, FT-890, FT-990, FT-1000D, FRG-100, FRG-8800 and FRG-9600
2139/29/2023Daiwa DX-10 Diplexer 1.6-30 Mhz (400W) & 140-150 Mhz (250W) AND 400-460 Mhz (200W)
2149/29/2023Diamond MX-62M Diplexer 1.6-56 MHz 600 W PEP 140-470 MHz 600 W PEP
2159/29/2023RSO tunable Low Pass TVI Filter
2169/29/2023B&W Low Pass TVI Filter Model FL-10/1500
2179/29/2023Kenwood phone Patch Controller PC-1
2189/29/2023Heavy Duty 11 inch Tower Rotor/Top Plate
2199/29/202313 inch DMX Tower Rotor Plate
2209/29/202313 inch DMX Tower Top Plate
2219/29/2023R.L. Drake 2-B & 2-BQ
2229/29/2023Square HF Magnetic Loop Antenna ( RX and TX) with air variable tuning capacitor
2239/29/2023Vibroplex Champion 1962/63
2249/30/2023Sideband Amp tuner audio source
2259/30/2023Baofeng BF-18L For Sale
2269/30/2023Alinco dr-135 wanted!
2279/30/2023icom 2730a wanted!
2289/30/2023MFJ-452 Morse Code Keyboard Keyer
2299/30/2023Vintage Chaney – C4488 – Neon Winker Kit