useful information about the SG Lab Ver. 2.3  1296 Transverter,

I had one for years and kept manually switch internally between 1294:500 and 1296:100 but with VER. 2,3 that has all changed
here is my recent posting on the

Dumb Luck, I discovered thru a fluke,
that SG Lab’s website is not up to date,
on their website all the information posted is about the 10 year old 1296 Transverter Ver 2.2
Late in 2019, they brought out Ver 2.3 which is a whole new and better transverter
I was telling Matt VE3RQX that I was looking for a 4 pole double throw switch to switch bands on my transverter,
and he said to move jumper #2 to the ON position, and sent me a photo, he downloaded for SG Labs website but it was the Ver.2.2 transverter
but the original model, and the only info available on the SG Lab website
Googling, I found my transverter show and tell @

I feel this is very important to share with everyone using a Ver 2.3 transverter
if you move jumper #2 to the on position
your band spread becomes …
144:500 outputs  at 1294:500
145:500 outputs  at 1295:500
146:100 outputs  at 1296:100
147:100 outputs  at  1297:100
148:100 outputs  at  1298:100

There is also a jumper above the 5 jumpers in a row that should be in the ON position and that gives you an 1150 offset see photo

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