TTL & CMOS Semiconductors in DIP thru-hole packages (All New)

$100 $200

I am in the process of downsizing (baby boomer), and have many semiconductors from my early days growing
up with my Dad in the Ham/Hobby Shack. I used to design and repair various pieces of electronics in my
early years and am now at the age where I need to find a new home for the works.

That said I have many left over and all are “new”, and have been cared for properly. They are thru-hole
and in DIP packages. The list is separated in to TTL (111) and then CMOS (202) devices. The list of parts is
shown as photo’s in add. Contact me if you want the list via spreadsheet or text file.

I would prefer to sell all the TTL or CMOS, and would ask $1 each. This is fraction of the original price
and they are new and I think quite reasonable.

That said I’d like $100 for the TTL parts which has 111 parts, and $200 for the CMOS parts witch has 202 parts.

All items will be sold will be packaged in ESD bags where the leads are safe in ESD foam to ensure
they are not damaged during shipping.

Payment – I don’t do the e-transfers due to fraud. I only taking cheque, money order, or a Canada Post
Money Gram. Sending payment via cheque is the least cost to you.

A Canada Post MoneyGram is the fastest method of payment but they charge $10 for the service. With the
money gram you go in with my name and address, and they send direct to the post office here. It’s fast
and secure.

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  • Item Condition : New
  • Used Condition : As New
  • Shipping and Pickup : Will ship at cost.