Updated: Equipment Donation Required; Firefighter Aid Ukraine HF/VHF/UHF


Gents, This is your hour. As you can see, there is a war in Ukraine, and like amateurs in wars past, you have been called to help now as well. Fire Fighter Aid Ukraine requires specific, modern equipment to be donated to fire departments there, arriving through Poland and then into Western Ukraine. We’re collecting gear and sending by air from Edmonton.   We require specific radios, as follows:

  1. Mototrbo digital VHF or UHF mobiles, quality handhelds, and/or accessories. Complete kits, wherever possible.
  2. Motorola analog HT750/1250 Waris series handheld kits, VHF or UHF, radio, antenna, speakermic, good battery, gang charger(s).
  3. 12.5KHz (NB) capable VHF mobile kits, complete, in quantity only. Tait T2000II NB, Kenwood TK-762, Motorola M1225, Motorola CDM 750/1250/1550
  4. HF equipment, Icom 706, Alinco DX-70,  or other kits with matching capability.  These will likely be used for voice/data/cw. I note that ham radio within Ukraine is presently illegal. Your equipment is being repurposed directly by the emergency services in Ukraine.
  5.  Specific VHF analog or Mototrbo/DMR repeaters, VHF analog must be high-tier public safety grade only. Compact. No old crystal sets. GE Mastr III, Tait T800ii, Motorola MSR2000 etc.

Perhaps there is interest within your club to organize this as a group effort. Please reach me directly to evaluate/coordinate your individual and group donations. Glory to Ukraine. https://www.firefighteraidukraine.com/

  • Callsign : VE6WMR
  • QRZ Validation
  • Item Condition : Used
  • Used Condition : Good
  • Shipping and Payment Comments : Prefer shipping donation, but can supply shipping on good equipment and/or volume.