Custom Callsigns Summer Sale – $39

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spring sign sale 2

Create your own Custom Precision Laser Cut Illuminated Sign.

Individually custom made with your call sign engraved on clear acrylic with dual colour LED lighting.



Custom LED Acrylic Callsigns Made to Order…

Hamshack is proud to support small Canadian businesses and we’re very pleased to introduce ‘Art by Selina’ and her quality custom-made LED Acrylic Callsigns. Each sign is hand-crafted by Selina and her team, who can expertly etch your callsign, custom graphics and other details using a special laser. Your station callsign and other details are displayed on the left side of the sign, leaving room for a very impressive ‘ON-AIR’ logo etched on the right side of the sign. The ON-AIR portion of the sign is on (lit-up) by default, but you do have the option of wiring the ON-AIR graphic so that it is illuminated with your transceivers PPT. Or you can opt for a simple toggle switch. Either way, the ON-AIR symbol is a great way to let family members know that you’re ON-AIR and not to be disturbed!

Here’s how the signs work

The Custom LED Acrylic Callsigns are powered with a 12-Volt DC wall transformer which provides power to illuminate your Callsign positioned on the left side of your sign. There’s a separate 12-volt DC input located in the centre base of the unit which is used to illuminate the ON-AIR feature located on the right half of the sign. You can use a toggle switch or wire directly to the PTT circuit of your transceiver. A schematic is provided to help you configure either option.

Here’s what you get

The standard LED Acrylic Callsigns are approximately 9 1/2″ wide, 4 1/4″ high, 1 3/4″ deep and custom sizes are available. Each order is tested to ensure they meet quality assurance standards before securely packing for shipment. Your box will include:

  1. Your Customized LED Acrylic Callsign
  2. DC 12-volt wall power adapter
  3. Schematic for ON-AIR wiring options
  4. Instruction Sheet with cleaning instructions
  5. Packing Slip with order information and Inspection details.

Here’s how to order

Complete the Order Form to order your Customized LED Acrylic Callsign. Your sign will be custom made to your specific requirements, so the information provided is used to design and layout your custom sign. Use the Form to enter:

  1. Your Callsign
  2. Wording or graphic above your Callsign
  3. Choice of graphic and style for the ON-AIR display
  4. Left side LED Colour
  5. Right Side LED Colour
  6. Upload special artwork and logos which can be added to your sign for an additional fee.
  7. Choose delivery by Canada Post or request alternative shipping instructions.

Once the folks at Art by Selina receive your order they’ll prepare a ‘proof’ for you to review and approve. Some designs may be quite complicated, so you’ll receive an email to clarify any design details before the ‘acrylic meets the laser’!

How long before my sign arrives?

Each sign takes about 5 business days to complete after you approve the final proof. Delivery via Canada Post generally takes a week or two depending on your location. You can also arrange for pickup.