RFI Management


Excellent reference if you’re having issues with RFI – download the attached Power Point presentation from Tom VE6ARG…

A Short Presentation to the VHF/UHF Group in Calgary on Wednesday Night:

RFI is more prevalent these days than ever because we have moved to being primarily a digital society.  That brings with it a huge increase in digital noise.  Whether it is from your local internet router or even you new fangled toaster, they all generate noise and add to the noise floor our incredibly sensitive radios as susceptible to.  I was honoured to be asked to address the VHF/UHF Group in Calgary on Wednesday night.  The topic was what to do about RFI and I did a short presentation on what I have done to remedy RFI at my station and some of the tools I used to do it.  There were quite a few hams on the Zoom call and the questions were many.  I enjoyed the interaction with these amazing people and I think all of us took something positive away from the meeting.  The presentation wasn’t static by any means and I provided audio and video examples of what RFI is and how to identify it and it’s likely cause.  I have provided a link to the presentation here for anyone that is interested in what we discussed.  If you have any questions about RFI, reach out to some more experienced hams to see what they have done to remedy the problems.  Don’t just assume things, but rather use the scientific method to find the problem and design a solution.  Have a look at the presentation and if you have any questions just drop me a note.

This will download the full Powerpoint file to your computer and is 200Mb so make sure you have enough room on your hard drive for it.