Retro HEATHKIT HM-2102 VHF SWR and Power Meter


Retro HEATHKIT HM-2102 VHF SWR and Power Meter. This is a 50MHz to 160MHz meter and it appears that the previous owner modified the unit for use at 2500W and 250W from the original 250W/25W.

The meter reads fine transmitting on 6M into a dummy load and accurately shows 100W output on the 250W position and output on the 2500W position, although the meter is not accurate at that range with 100W. SWR reading seems fine as well.

Complete with Manual, this would make a good in-line power meter, or perhaps a candidate to restore to the original settings for all the HEATHKIT fans out there?

Note: although the meter works as noted above, I have indicated the Used Condition to be Parts Only, because of the modification.

73 Don VE7DXE


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