RCA Jan 832A/32L15, Double-Tetrode Transmitter Tube

$15total price

RCA Jan 832A/32L15, Double-Tetrode Transmitter Tubes

These Jan 832A/32L15 tubes appear new and are in the original packing
materials. I have no way to verify the condition. If my memory serves me they were spares for a Kenwood Radio my Dad once had.

This item was part my Dad’s estate from many years ago. It is pre-owned,
in good condition. Item NOT tested. Sold as is, no refunds.

Curbside pickup is preferable. If requesting shipment a charge will be applied
for packing, and shipping. I will need to price through Canada Post.

The QTH is Braeside which is 30 minutes North/West of Ottawa.

Cash preferable, or cheque.

The price is $10 each or $15 for the lot.