Radio Test Equipment Repair and Calibration.


I’m a senior radio technician, and have worked for several Motorola and oilfield radio shops, and even a California defence company for several years.

I have my own complete repair/test lab at home, and am looking to repair and calibrate service monitors and other test equipment.

My rate is $50/hr, with flatrate calibration at $400.

Cushman CE, Older Motorola R-200x series, 2200/2400, R-2600, IFR 1200, IFR 500A, IFR A-7550 SA. some frequency counters, signal generators, wattmeters etc.

Due to parts supply, my range of models is quite limited at this time. Please reach me if you have anything specific that needs fixing.

No ham equipment repairs or oscilloscopes. Nothing Yaesu/Kenwood/Icom.