ProCo PM148 24-channel A-B Audio Patch Bay

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Do you have multiple radios, mics or speakers? Would you like to patch them all to one audio source or output? The ProCo 148 PatchMaster is a 24-channel A-B audio patch bay. Connect your various radio outputs and inputs, even your foot pedal and simply jumper them with a 1/4″ patch cable to select between each. I used it between 3 transceiver speakers, 2 computers, 3 mics, my foot pedal and selected either my speaker, one of 2 headphones or all three. Each individual jack in this patch bay can be configured. 24 separate channels (48 configurable ins and outs). Ability to switch between normal, non-normal and half-normal positions on each channel. For a full description of this, see Patch Bays – A Beginners Guide | Hosa (

The unit fits a standard 19-inch rack. User manual included.

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