Microham DXP


$425 CAD includes shipping in Canada, current price from DX Engineering $505 + cable + shipping + Tax/import. microHAM DXP Portable Digital Mode and Radio Control Interfaces (Plug &Play) microHAM DXP Digital Mode Radio Control improved decoding of the received audio signal because of a high dynamic range, low noise 24-bit audio ADC and DAC for all digital modes, which improves the ability to pick out weak signals when strong signals are nearby and is useful for phase-modulated signals like FT-8, JT-65, PSK-31 or FSK. CW operation is supported by version 3.1 of the popular WinKey CW processor developed by K1EL with full FSK support, making it easy to key the transceiver. The built-in 24-bit USB sound card offers a variety of benefits such as improved signal-noise ratio, greater dynamic range (>105dB), lower noise floor and improved weak signal decoding compared to standard 16-bit audio interfaces or USB enabled transceivers. The use of an external USB radio control interface leaves the computer’s sound card free to perform its duties for the operating system like system sounds or video and bypasses the onboard 16-bit USB audio limitation of most computers. Comes with DB15-FT-101 cable for Yaesu FTDX101D/MP Perfect conditions Surplus to my needs, comes in original shipping boxes.

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