ONLY $85 for this tuner!!!
Why is this so cheap?
There must be a story… and there is..

Actually, it is a “he said / he said”.
4 weeks ago I purchased this tuner from a Calgary ham, the original ad (on stated:

Picked up from Visually Impaired Ham locally and used for 2 years with no issues.
Only upgraded to the 945E so I could do 6m mobile with it.
Solid accurate tuner … open to reasonable offers.
MFJ Deluxe Versa Tuner II Model 949D 10-160m 300W Hi-Low settings Very large Cross needle display with ……..

Based on his description, I made an offer, he accepted, I e-transferred the money, he shipped and I received the unit.

Sadly it had 2 faults
1 – the dummy load no longer worked as the wire to the dummy had been rerouted to the wir eantenna terminal – why I do not know. I fixed that problem quickly

2 – the swr meter would read the forward power correctly, but did not show reflected power correctly… in other words, the reflected power needle did not provide an even-close-to-accuratre indication (compared to my Daiwa 801 and the swr meter on both an Icom 7300 and a Kenwood TS590SG).
There appears to be a cracked very small component – but even with that it tunes properly!

Now it is entirely possible  / plausible that the vendor never tried the dummy load and did not pay attention to the reflected swr. It may just have been an over-site on his part.
So he gets the benefit of the doubt.
But he just will not do anything to rectify the situation.

I contacted the seller  – he guessed that the unit was damaged by Canada Post. However since it is up to him to file the claim, his obligation to me is to refund the purchase/shipping price. As the shipping packaging was in no way damaged, the corners in perfect condition, and the unit itself perfectly intact, I scrapped the packaging. Canada Post rejected the claim (rightly).

The vendor does not seem to be interested in rectifying the problem with me, so I am selling this unit for $85 plus $25 shipping, in the condition as described above, in other words, the reflected power is not correctly shown on the meter.


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