An amazing compact tuner which tuned my clunky system really well. Complete with cable for ICOM – connects to the standard 4 prong Icom antenna tuner jack.

Another great feature of this unit is its’ ability to tune long, random length wires – easily connected to the rear binding posts.
Cable for many Kenwood can also be ordered from online sources.

Can also be used in RF sensing mode with almost any other transceiver – up to 120watts (or 30W on digital)

This great MAT180H device allowed me to operate on virtually all HF bands with my IC7300… so the question is – why am I selling it.

Well, after getting back into ham radio after a 20+ year hiatus, I jumped into the HF world uninitiated.

I went through multiple transceivers with built in tuners – but they did not handle my rudimentary antennas well. So I purchased a few tuners, This MAT180H and a LDG Z11-PROII.

Both worked great, but my area was getting way to crowded… multiple transceivers, multiple SWR meters, multiple tuners, etc. Not even enough room left for a coffee.

I decided to restructure the design and cut back to one tuner, one swr meter, 2 transceivers and a qrm eliminator. And with a bit of switching wizardry, this gave me back some sense of order in the shack.

I was lucky enough to pick up a high end LDG tuner, so these 2 others are up for sale.

I can ship this tuner anywhere in Canada for a flat $20.

These units are now selling in Canada for $250 plus $20 shipping plus taxes for a total of just over $300.

Save a bundle and buy mine for $220 shipped.


  • Callsign : VA2TED
  • Phone : 5147098723
  • QRZ Validation
  • Item Condition : Used
  • Payment Types Accepted : eTransfer, PayPal, Cash
  • Used Condition : As New