Marconi Wavemeter TF 975

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Marconi Wavemeter TF 975

The wavemeter is in excellent condition with lovely fitted box and everything
there including instructions. It is basically a receiver with a meter indicator
of signal strength. It has 8 coils covering a specific frequency range. The range
is 100Khz through 100Mhz. It also has a jack on the front bottom for headphones
so the user can hear the modulation.

I used it to verify the General Radio oscillator that I also have for sale across
the 5-50Mhz range and it worked correctly.

It is a really good tool to quickly tell if you are transmitting at a particular frequency.

It comes in very nice wooden case all parts included and the original manual.

Curbside pickup is preferable. If requesting shipment a charge will be applied
for packing, and shipping. I will need to price through Canada Post.

The QTH is Braeside which is 30 minutes North/West of Ottawa.

Cash preferable, or cheque.

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