Looking for Kenwood TS-780 VHF/UHF Xcvr for Parts – Especially the VFO Encoder W02-0324-05


Anyone have a dead Kenwood TS-780 Multimode VHF/UHF sitting on the shelf that they are willing to sell for parts?  I am mainly looking for the VFO encoder, part # W02-0324-05 to replace mine that is broken but would consider taking the whole radio for spare parts.  Will pay for shipping the whole radio to get a working encoder. 

The parts TS-780 listed on QTH.com also has a broken encoder. 

  • QRZ Validation
  • Callsign : ve6tc
  • Item Condition : Used
  • Used Condition : Parts Only
  • Payment Types Accepted : eTransfer, Cash
  • Shipping and Pickup : Will ship at cost., Pickup offered., Will deliver locally.