Leds and Displays

$20 $25

I am in the process of downsizing (baby boomer), and have many semiconductors from my early days growing
up with my Dad in the Ham/Hobby Shack. I used to design and repair various pieces of electronics in my
early years and am now at the age where I need to find a new home for the works.

Display Leds are:

Qty Device Name Comment
72 FND357 7 Segment display they are mostly used but good
1 MVS57164 Bar Led 20 pin, they are mostly used but good
2 XAN632 3537 7 Segment display 1″ they are mostly used but good
4 M4710 513 7 Segment display new
1 TIL305 Alpha-numberic display new

That said I’d like $25 for the lot of display leds.

Additionally I have a pile of mostly new (see photo) Leds. Most are red miniature but additionally there are some white, yellow, and green. I separated 25 from the main lot so you can gauge the amount (see photo). Sorry the photo is truncated. There are a few hundred. As and I can send you the full picture.

I am asking $20 for the lot.

All items will be sold will be packaged in ESD bags where the leads are safe in ESD foam to ensure they are not damaged during shipping. Two lead leds just go into a ESD bag.

Payment – I don’t do the e-transfers due to fraud. I only taking cheque, money order, or a Canada Post
Money Gram. Sending payment via cheque is the least cost to you.

A Canada Post MoneyGram is the fastest method of payment but they charge $10 for the service. With the
money gram you go in with my name and address, and they send direct to the post office here. It’s fast
and secure.

  • QRZ Validation
  • Callsign : VE3MJZ
  • Item Condition : Used
  • Used Condition : As New
  • Shipping and Pickup : Will ship at cost.