Lasers (Collimated, Dual 5mW)


For sale is dual 5mw collimated lasers, driver circuitry, and power supply. The lasers are Sanyo DL3147-011 and the wavelength is 645nm. The lasers themselves are in a collimated housing to so they can be easily mounted.

As stated dual meaning there are two separate lasers. The design and circuit board was mine years back, and uses through hole parts with standard op-amps as precise voltage-current sources (see photos).

If you wanted to modulate the lasers that would be easy with the op-amp circuits.

The intensity is variable via potentiometer, and 12V power supply is included.

Some technical literature is included.

I powered up the circuitry last week to ensure it was functional and can state it was working fine.

I am asking $50

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