Large Ham Radio Kit with Handhelds/Power Supplies & Base Stations – $700 (Downtown Toronto)

$700total price

I am selling my Ham Radio / Amatuer Radio Collection collected over several years.
The Kit includes the following Specifications :

X 5 = Baofeng Handheld 5 Watt UV5R-5 Radios
X 1 = Baofeng 6 Station Handheld Charger Cradle
X 3 = Leixen VV-898 UHF/VHF 10 Watt Base Stations
X 1 = Kenwood TM-281 VHF 55 Watt Base Station
X 1 = Paofung / Baofeng UHF 45 Watt Base Station
X 1 = Pyramid 7 Watt Power Supply
X 1 = MFJ X 2 Cable Connections, 25 Amp MightyLite Switching Power Supply
X 2 = UB12100-S 12v 10Ah 120Wh Sealed Lead-Acid Battery (for powering 2 leixen base stations independently from power)

I have collected these Amateur Radio Supplies over the years from Amazon & RadioWorld Toronto, they work perfectly fine and are in like new condition, I can also supply information for relevant Amatuer Radio frequencies & Nets which work semi daily & can be listened to… but not transmited on… you will need a Amatuer Radio license after passing certification from Industry Canada.
These electronic devices can be used with a corresponding license for any off grid use, and with the batteries provided and fully charged handheld batteries, they can be used for days.
The range of these devices varies, and you will have to research them for city or suburban use, in downtown Toronto, Baofeng handhelds have a range of 3 miles or more, and with base stations can reach a city range of 10 miles.
From my experience UHF radios can penetrate cement and city environments more effectively than Cell Phones where a signal cannot be attained.

I am selling this kit, with all working devices for $700, with pickup at my home in Downtown Toronto, this is a large kit and will require a car for transport. All items can be tested.

If you would like to make a different offer, contact me at