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FM Handheld Transceiver TH-22/42(A/AT/E)

Meet the latest in transceiver technology, tailored for utmost efficiency in a palm-size format: our TH-22A/AT/E (2 m) and TH-42A/AT/E (70 cm). So small and slim, they easily slip into a shirt pocket. Yet these super compact FM transceivers deliver impressive performance, thanks to the MOS FET power module. Other welcome features include an easy-to-use menu system, multiple scan functions, and 40 memory channels (plus 1 call channel).


Features at a glance:

2 m (TH-22A/AT/E) or 70 cm (TH-42A/AT/E) single-band operation
MOS FET power module
40 memory channels in EEPROM (plus 1 call channel)
Multiple scan functions (VFO, call & memory)
Dual scan stop modes (Carrier Operated & Timer Operated)


TH-22/42(A/AT/E) in detail:

MOS FET power module
By adopting an FET power module, we have made it possible to generate high output (over 5 watts with a 9.6 V battery) for longer hours without bulky hardware. A 6 V battery pack, which provides 3 watts (TH-22A/AT/E) or 2.5 watts (TH-42A/AT/E), is supplied. The optional PB-30 4.8 V battery reduces the size to an overall height of 110 mm.

Optional DTMF keypad (supplied with TH-22AT/42AT)
The DTMF memory function allows storage of up to 5 different 15-digit (maximum) DTMF codes for auto-dial and autopatch use. And with DTMF transmit hold, you can send consecutive numbers more easily. Also, the keypad enables direct frequency entry (in VFO mode) and direct recall of memory channels (in MR mode).

DTSS (Dual-Tone Squelch System) and pager
DTSS opens the squelch to allow DTMF access to the receiver, while the pager will alert the operator to an incoming call (optional DTP-2 required).

User-friendly operation
In addition to the convenient menu system, operation of this transceiver has been made simpler with 6 keys on the front (VFO, MR, CALL, MHz(F), T/CT, and REV) and 3 on the side (PTT, LAMP and MONI).

40 multi-function memory channels plus 1 call channel
All 41 memory channels can independently store essential data — transmit and receive frequencies, frequency step, tone (CTCSS) frequency, tone on/off, CTCSS on/off, DTSS code, DTSS on/off, shift, reverse on/off — in non-volatile EEPROM, so there’s no need for battery backup.

Powerful multi-scan function
You can choose VFO, call and memory scans (with programmable memory channel lock-out). Scan stop modes include CO (stops on a busy channel and resumes 2 seconds after the signal drops out), and TO (stops on a busy channel for 5 seconds, then resumes).

Tone alert with elapsed time indicator
To signal the presence of an incoming signal, this tone alert system will cause a distinct audio tone to be emitted from the transceiver for 10 seconds. A flashing bell provides a visual indication, and the time is also shown in the display.

Busy channel lock-out
This prevents transmission if a signal is detected on the chosen channel.

Selectable squelch configuration
Setting the squelch is easy, thanks to the provision of two controls (the encoder is temporarily switched to SQL use).

Other Features:

Key lock
Time-out timer (30, 60, 90, 180, 900 seconds)
Auto battery-saver circuit
LCD with 2 backlighting modes (on demand or continuous)
3-position RF output power control
Built-in CTCSS encoder and optional decoder
Auto power-off
Auto repeater offset (TH-22A/AT/E)
Battery voltage indicator
Programmable repeater offset (TH-22E/42E)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

56 x 116.5 x 24.5 mm (2.2 x 5.7 x 1.0 in.)

Please note that not all features and options may be available for the model sold in your region.
Operation of DTSS, Pager, DTMF, and CTCSS is subject to local regulations.


INCLUDED: External Speaker – Mic / Batter Pac (Original Battery (Does Not Hold Charge to my knowledge, has not been used in years and is in mint condition otherwise. (Unit comes in original Box)