Icom T2H


The Icom IC-T2H looks and feels more like a commercial radio rather than a HAM radio, and that’s what makes this radio so good. This transceiver is built to military specs.

– High power (5 W or 1 W). High power gives superb range
– Regular rechargeable plus an AA-size battery case
– intuitive programming
– important functions have their own button
– large speaker = good loud audio
– large PTT
– BNC antenna connection that is much more versatile than SMA

This unit comes with a case, ‘rubber duckie’ flexible whip antenna, an Icom speaker mic, charger, programming cable, the factory rechargeable battery plus the AA battery shell. The manual is at https://www.icomamerica.com/en/downloads/DownloadDocument.aspx?Document=141 

The biggest plus is that you can use normal AA-size rechargeable or regular batteries so you never have to worry about buying new (= expensive) original batteries.


  • Callsign : VE7TI
  • Phone : 778-608-2585
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