ICOM M700 HF Transceiver 150Watts / AT-120 Auto Tuner


General coverage receiver The IC-M700 provides general coverage receiving through 1.6000~23.9999 MHz. You can receive news broadcasts such as UPI and AP, weather reports, WWV time signals, FAX weather charts, foreign broadcasts, etc. 150 W output power Icom introduces the IC-M700, a full-featured 150 W HF transceiver that will keep you in touch at all times with the shore and other vessels. Automatic antenna tuner The optional AT-120 HF AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER matches a wide range of antenna impedances. For example, the tuner will match a 7-meter (23 feet) long-wire antenna through 2~23 MH $600 plus shipping

  • Callsign : va6cp
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