ICOM IC 701 Radio Transceiver SSB, CW, RTTY (160-10 Meters)

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ICOM IC 701 Radio Transceiver SSB, CW, RTTY (160-10 Meters)

The ICOM IC-701 is a multi-mode transceiver covering the HF amateur 160 to 10 meter bands.
It has a 100 Hz digital display and dual VFOs. The top panel has a door for various
adjustments. The rear panel has various I/O connection. It comes with the DC cord and
original box, microphones, and accessories for IC-701. I will make a box for the Power
Supply if required.

Frequency range: 1.8-30 MHz HAM-bands; Modes: SSB, CW, RTTY; 100 Hz step digital PLL
synthesizer. Rated output 100W

This IC701 transceiver came into my hands from my Dad’s estate. That said it has been
in boxes since I moved into this house many years ago.

While I am not certain that it is fully functional let me explain what I have done
to ascertain it’s current condition before putting up for sale. It has been stored in
boxes in a dry place for many years.

It has been powered up a number of times and left to see if it remains operational. I
built a dipole antenna and hoisted it about 7 feet off the ground to use as a 20 meter
antenna in my front yard. The receiver worked excellently. I was hearing contacts from
Europe, and the USA . I connected a Bird watt meter and SWR bridge to the transceiver output
to have a look at the output. When I keyed the microphone I saw 90 watts which is in
tolerance for the radio and watt meter. I next tried to make several SSB CQ contacts
unsuccessfully. Both contacts said they could hear someone but the signal was down in
the mud. My dipole antenna was not very good nor did I have a any ground plain.
Both contacts were transmitting in excess of a KW (Brussels, and south USA).

The IC701 includes:

– IC701 Transceiver (with original box)
– ICOM IC-701PS AC Power Supply
– Microphones (2) of them
– ICOM IC-701 Instruction Manual (layout and repair schematic included)
– 115V Power cord
– DC Power cord
– Connector and cable for accessories i/o jack

Video’s describing the transceiver are:


e-ham net ratings

So the transceiver is pre owned, in good condition. Item NOT tested other than
as stated above.

  • Status : Active
  • Callsign : VE3MJZ
Ottawa,Ontario,Central Canada