I decided to explore beyond the confines of hamshack.ca!

I decided to explore beyond the confines of hamshack.ca!

Last weekend, I decided to explore beyond the confines of hamshack.ca to find a replacement tube for an Alpha 76A amplifier I recently got from a friend.

I posted a “Wanted Ad” on a prominent U.S. ham radio marketplace and quickly received two responses. The first was beyond my budget, so I engaged with the second respondent. While this individual had only two Seller Feedback entries on the site’s Feedback Forum, both were positive, leading me to proceed.

However, what unfolded was truly eye-opening. I’ve redacted and summarized the subsequent email exchange to share on hamshack.ca. My intention is to underscore the importance of caution and research when making online purchases, especially on major buy-and-sell platforms. This encounter is a clear reminder of the carelessness some online scammers exhibit. While there are highly skilled scammers victimizing buyers daily, less sophisticated ones, like this individual, can be spotted and sidestepped by exercising due diligence, using common sense, and trusting your instincts.

Email Exchange Summary

[Redacted]: The sender offers a RF amplifier tube for sale, describing its condition and price.

Don Rosberg VE7DXE: Don Rosberg VE7DXE acknowledges receipt of the offer and asks various questions about the tube, including its testing method, origin, payment method, and requests for photos and contact information.

[Redacted]: [Redacted] answers Don Rosberg VE7DXE’s questions, confirming the tube’s origin and condition, accepts PayPal, and provides their callsign and pictures of the tube.

Don Rosberg VE7DXE: Don Rosberg VE7DXE agrees to proceed with the purchase and inquires if the given email address is where he should send the payment. He also provides his shipping information.

[Redacted]: [Redacted] provides a different email address for PayPal payment.

Don Rosberg VE7DXE: Don Rosberg VE7DXE is puzzled as the provided email belongs to a different person ([Redacted]) and seeks clarification.

[Redacted]: [Redacted] explains that [Redacted] is his partner and the PayPal account was set up using [Redacted]’s card.

Don Rosberg VE7DXE: Expressing reservations, Don Rosberg VE7DXE communicates his uneasiness about the transaction. He brings up potential issues with the payment method and suggests alternatives.

[Redacted]: [Redacted] reassures Don Rosberg VE7DXE about the integrity of the transaction and states that he is a legitimate businessman with a clean record.

Don Rosberg VE7DXE: Don Rosberg VE7DXE further expresses concerns about the inconsistencies in the email addresses and the use of a Hotmail account for a purportedly established business. He requests more details about [Redacted]’s business.

[Redacted]: [Redacted] provides a link to a major North American Electronics, home stereo and appliance retailer as a response.

This experience underscores the need for vigilance when making online purchases, always exercising due diligence and common sense to avoid potential scams.