Hygain Brake Delay


Myself and son did a project so got extra made. I have about 20 units and when they are gone they are gone.   price is $25 shipped in Canada. *********************** HyGain Rotator Controller Brake Delay  – 3 second delay. Condition is New. Shipped with Economy Shipping.

Works with CD-44 and HAM-II, HAM-III, HAM-IV, HAM-V, and Tailtwister Hy-Gain Controllers
Also has ability to add a LED for brake disengaging with two 1k resistors. (not included)

3 second delay with 1000uF capacitor. Can increase capacitance to increase delay. 2200uF is 6 seconds.
Comes with:
-PCB with Diodes, resistor, wire and relay soldered on.
-1000uF capacitor
-6/32 standoff
-2x 6/32×1/2″ machine screws


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