Free Tower Assembly in the Vernon Area


Complete HF antenna system Up for Grabs?

From VE7SLG 

I am willing to give the complete system to whomever wants it but there are a few hitches. I have in my possession all the components but the mast and antenna have to be removed. The mast is self supporting and a ladder can be put up on the mast to remove and lower just the antenna. The mast weighs about 120 pounds (24 feet long) and would have to be removed by a crane. I think a tree pruning company such as Cody or Action could do the job. I would appreciate it if you could promote it to your membership and even publish it on your Swap and Shop Web page. 

VE7SLG can be contacted at 250 860-9107 to answer any questions anyone may have or by email at

  • Callsign : VE7DXE
  • Phone : 2503808401
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  • Item Condition : Used
  • Used Condition : Good