Programmable Foxhunt Transmitter for 80m


The new programmable ARDF fox from Les Tocko VA7OM and Dave Miller VE7HR is a highly configurable transmitter with the following features:• Configurable using a serial terminal through the USB port on a PC
• Configurable call sign identification, CW speed and repetition frequency
• Adjustable fox number from 1 sending “MOE” to 5 sending “MO5”
• Configurable transmission modes
o Standard (10wpm, on 1 min, off 4 min)
o Alternate (10wpm, on 1 min, off 1 min)
o Sprint (10wpm, on 12 s, off 48 s)
o Fast sprint (15wpm, on 12 s, off 48 s)
• Beacon mode sending “MO” at 10wpm continuously
• Spectator mode sending “S” at 15wpm continuously
• Low battery mode sending MOx once every 5 minutes
• Start of event timer configurable up to 120 minutes
• Start button to synchronize multiple foxes
• Optional short pre-event transmissions one hour before the event start with configurable CW
• Flashing LED showing status
o waiting to begin delayed start – rapid flashing
o running – on continuously
o CW transmissions – flashing with CW timing
• Debug mode providing progress reporting via the terminal

Frequency: 3.579 MHz

  • Phone : 604-591-1825
  • QRZ Validation
  • Callsign : VA7XB
  • Item Condition : New
  • Shipping and Pickup : Will ship at cost., Pickup offered.