For Sale HY-Gain 18HT verticals


For sale:  Two Hy-Gain 18HT verticals. These will cover 1.8 mhz to 28 mhz including the 17 meter band  with 17 meter kit but you can easily make your own option for that band. They both come with the tilt over option. Some minor parts will have to either be ordered  either from Hy-Gain or fabricated or picked up locally. The latest price on these is now $2,000.00 USD from Hy-Gain. I have been using one for many years on 160 meters as inverted L with good results. I had four of these so only keeping two for phased array set up.  For operation on 160 meters as inverted L, simply install a 40 meter trap on top of the last tower section with approximately 105 feet horizontal  wire. Please contact me for more detailed information. These would have to be picked up in cranbrook so no shipping unless you have a better idea. The asking price is $600 for each vertical but could do slightly better if you take both of them.

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  • Shipping and Pickup : Pickup only (no shipping).