Endfed Halfwave 10 to 80m

$50 $100

I build for you, the endfed antenna, tested before shipping. 

Choice of band 20m up to 160m (you could also work 15 and 10m with any of the EFHW sold) 

Choice of wire gauge (12 to 18 awg-you can make real dx even with this wire gauge at 100w!) , or provide your wire.

Choice of power handling, 100w to 500w ssb

You can also select the type of box you want to.

Isolator provided.

  • Callsign : Ve2iaa
  • Phone : 5145667075
  • QRZ Validation
  • Item Condition : New
  • Payment Types Accepted : eTransfer, Cash
  • Shipping and Pickup : Will ship at cost., Pickup offered.